Friday 31 March 2023

"var" keword or specific data type in C#

The var keyword is a C# feature that lets you  declare variables without  specifying their type explicitly. Instead, the variable type  is inferred by the compiler based on the value  assigned to the variable. The var keyword can only be used on local variables declared within a method, not on fields, method parameters, or return types.

Example -

Instead of explicitly declaring variables with  specific data types, like this:

string name = "Microsoft";

You can use the 'var' keyword to declare a variable and let the compiler infer the type based on the value assigned to it.

var name = "Microsoft";

The var keyword can only be used for local variables, not for fields or method parameters. Using "var" can  make your code confusing and hard to read when the derived type is not readily apparent. It's good practice to use specific types when declaring variables in C#, especially if the data type is clear and easy to understand. This makes your code clearer and easier to understand for other developers  reading and maintaining your code. However, using var may make your code more readable or less typing, so in the end it comes down to personal preference and the needs of your particular project. 


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